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Enterprises adopt cloud solutions as business innovation needs surpass the capabilities of on-premises environments. However, migrating to the cloud introduces new cybersecurity challenges. You need to retain visibility, control and security as you move to hybrid cloud environments. At each critical stage of your cloud transformation journey, you need security management to stay ahead of advanced threats.

Cloud Architecture And Networking

Once your business needs have been established, Cloud Architecture Design Services helps deliver a customized business ready plan that integrates infrastructure and platform strategy, increased security and cyber resilience, and management models.


What is CASB? Exactly as its name suggests, it is a security broker that sits between the end user and the cloud service. CASB Cloud Security helps organizations govern the use of cloud services like Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce; just to name a few of cloud services that businesses may utilize involving communication of company data. CASB could protect all of your endpoint devices,including BYOD (Bring your own Device) and/or BYOL (Bring your own Laptop) devices.

971Falcons partners with the top CASB providers and integrate it into one service to secure your multiple cloud environments.

Secure Internet And
Web Gateway

A secure web gateway (SWG) prevents users from accessing malicious website traffic on the internet and in the cloud that could infect their devices and compromise the internal network of your organization. It also ensures that users access the internet in compliance with your organization’s regulation policies.

971Falcons creates offers real-time threat defense using best-in-class technology that protects against advanced threats and prevents loss of data. For organizations looking for 24/7 network and data protection that never compromises on productivity, our web security gateway services are the ideal solution.

Cloud Security Posture Assessment

We help you scan, monitor and remediate configuration issues in public cloud accounts according to best practices and compliance standards, across AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.
971Falcons builds a complete model of your public cloud infrastructure environment as a baseline, continuously detecting drift and enforcing the baseline for security-critical resources. With us, you get full visibility into your cloud security posture and the assurance that it stays in continuous compliance.


The Inter-Cloud is an interconnected global “cloud of clouds” and an extension of the Internet “network of networks” on which it is based. Inter-Cloud computing is interconnecting multiple cloud providers’ infrastructures.
At 971Falcons, we focus on direct interoperability between public cloud service providers. To provide cloud services as a utility successfully, interconnected clouds are required and interoperability and portability are of utmost importance.

Cloud SOC

Cloud systems, by nature, are especially vulnerable to threats such as unauthorized access, data loss, and resource misuse.Because of these threats, cloud security is vital to defend hybrid IT ecosystems, and IT professionals need robust cloud security strategies to protect their companies.
971Falcons detects and responds to advanced threats targeting on-premises systems, infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) instances in AWS and Azure, and several leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Customers get a dedicated Cloud SOC Team that correlates activity across systems to deliver comprehensive security visibility and rapid threat detection.

AWS, Azure And
Google Cloud Consulting

Amazon, Microsoft and Google dominate the public cloud landscape providing the safest, flexible and reliable cloud services.Selecting one cloud vendor or using multiple providers, will come down to the wants and needs of each individual customer and the workloads they are running.
Our cloud consulting services help solve all of that by helping you select the right cloud solutions that integrate smoothly and deliver optimal return on technology investment.We’ve remained at the forefront of this cloud evolution, guiding our clients through adoption of virtualization and converged infrastructure solutions toward the software-defined infrastructure model and all the benefits that come with cloud computing.

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