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Network Security includes all activities designed to protect the integrity and usability of all networks and their data.

Cyberattacks are always evolving and with new malware variants being discovered each day, enterprises should ensure that their endpoints are completely secure. MDS Dubai’s years of experience and expertise in delivering infrastructure solutions make us your ideal partner for overall enterprise security.


Firewalls have been an effective first line of defence in network security for a long time.

Firewalls create virtual barriers between secured internal networks and untrusted outside networks. We at MDS Dubai will assist you with integrating firewall that has a pre-defined set of security rules through which you can constantly monitor inbound and outbound network traffic and allow or block traffic accordingly.

Next-Generation Firewalls

Firewalls have been the go-to security tool for the majority of enterprises, but in today’s constantly changing threat landscape;

Next generation firewalls provide an added level of protection.MDS Dubai offers you comprehensive security solutions that includes the latest technology like NGFW.

Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) is a firewall technology that moves beyond simple protocol inspection and blocking and prevents an enterprise from complex and sophisticated attacks.

NGFW functions:

  • Application-level inspection
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Integrated intrusion prevention systems
  • Ability to use external intelligence sources


At MDS Dubai, we understand that it is extremely important to securely transfer data, which is why we use a technology called Tunneling.

Tunneling is also known as “Port Forwarding” and is defined as secure transmission of data from a private or corporate network to a public network. The data are shared from one network to another through a process called encapsulation. This process of encapsulation allows information or data packets appear as public in nature of public networks whereas they are private data packets. Thus, allowing them to pass through unnoticed.


MDS Dubai, services like Intrusion prevention system (IPS) examines traffic flows on the network to detect all malicious activities and prevent the system from potential threats.

Intrusion prevention system is also known as intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS). Threats come in the form of malicious inputs for a certain application or a certain service that attackers might use to gain control of that application or a machine. If the threat is not prevented, attackers can gain access to that compromised application. We at MDS Dubai assist you in implementing Intrusion prevention systems which keep track of ongoing malicious activity, records and report all the information.

Actions taken by IPS during a threat:

  • Sending an emergency alarm to the administrator
  • Dropping all vulnerable packets
  • Blocking all traffic from the source address
  • Resetting the connection

Proxy & Web Filtering

Web Filtering is a tool used to stop users from viewing certain websites or URLs. Web filters primarily work in two distinct ways.

If a certain website has a reputation for harmful and objectionable content, they can block that content based on the origin of the website.Web filters can also evaluate the content of a particular page/website and block them as well.

MDS Dubai helps you integrate a proxy server, which is a dedicated software system that acts as a gateway between a computer and another server/internet. The major advantage of using proxy servers is that it provides functionality, privacy and security.

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