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Real-time insights into your infrastructure

Deploy MDS Dubai Infrastructure monitoring tools and diagnose availability problems and overall performance, health and take action before the productivity is compromised. Our tools also assist you in analyzing key infrastructure metrics in real-time. We have partnered with major vendors for you to leverage and implement the most competent set of infrastructure monitoring solutions:

  1. 1. Application Performance Monitoring
  2. 2. Network Performance Monitoring
  3. 3. Storage Performance Monitoring
  4. 4. Backup Analysis

Application Performance Monitoring – Smoothly run your business without any hitch

MDS Dubai application performance monitoring tools monitor behavior, response time and availability of each business application and website. Our experts work round-the-clock to detect anomalies and ensure that your business runs smoothly. They translate code-level monitoring into business insights and deliver exceptional and seamless customer experience.

Network Performance Monitoring –
Achieve maximum productivity

To mitigate risks involved with the network, MDS Dubai works round-the-clock and efficiently deploy tools for network performance monitoring. These tools help in measuring, diagnosing and optimizing the overall service quality of the network. Thus, maintaining a congested free network and keeping your business up and running.


Optimize the overall performance of a network with MDS Dubai NPM solutions:

  • Generate valuable metrics and insights
  • Constant update on network availability and health
  • Ensuring there are no delays in the network
  • Network upload and download speed in check

Aggressively scale your business to new heights:

  • Complete network visibility
  • Optimum bandwidth utilization
  • Discover and mitigate threats

Storage Performance Monitoring – Bid adieu to storage related problems

Today, enterprises have multiple storage devices and that too at multiple locations and it becomes difficult for administrators invest optimum time and analyze each device properly. MDS Dubai understand these challenges faced by organizations and offer the most comprehensive storage performance monitoring solutions for businesses.


Storage Challenges:

  • Multiple storage devices
  • Storage devices spread across locations
  • Administrators can only analyze basic performance metrics
  • Additional tools required for in-depth analyses
  • Costly support from third party vendors
  • Time cannot be allocated properly

Unique benefits provided by MDS Dubai SPM solutions:

  • Easily scalable
  • Multi-tiered hybrid solutions
  • Solutions for all – Small, medium or enterprise level organizations
  • 360-degree visibility from a single dashboard
  • Complete availability and protection of all data sets

Leverage our SPM solutions and be ahead of your competitors –

  • Completely and efficiently monitor all storage devices
  • Storage bottlenecks and performance issue detection
  • Reduce complexity and attain full visibility
  • Easy backup and restore

Backup analysis

Analysis services include backup and restoring data so that your enterprise can retrieve it at any given time. Backup and restore services are also needed for migrating the database to an upgraded server, moving databases between servers or in case of deploying database to a new server. MDS Dubai understands how valuable data is for any organization and helps you implement a comprehensive backup and restore plan.

New-age Backup and Restore solutions by
MDS Dubai:
  • Multi cloud backup
  • Business applications and database protection
  • Disaster recovery
  • End-to-end protection
  • Virtual machines
Our competitive advantage:
  • Rapid deployment and ease of use
  • Multi-tier resiliency and availability
  • Cloud based support
  • Integrated Artificial intelligence
  • Replicate copies of live data
  • Complete visibility of data protection and infrastructure
  • De-duplication and encryption ability

Our Advantage

MDS Dubai is part of the Midis Group – an international organization with over 170 companies across emerging markets in the Middle East , Europe  and Africa with over 5000 employees


Founded in 1986, MDS Dubai boasts 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience.


Leverage from our 20+ certified and highly efficient engineers.


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