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MDS Dubai Infrastructure Virtualization Solutions are designed to help businesses streamline their company’s IT infrastructure and dramatically reduce their workload. Our solutions include centralised administration of integrated systems and you can easily scale without compromising on the quality. MDS Dubai delivers the most competent Virtualization solutions for your business needs. We boast features like flexible migrations, automated data protection, disaster recovery, robust security, rich analytics and high performance.

Our solutions are designed to make your business more agile:

Integration: Our team of experts at MDS Dubai ensures that the transfer of all software’s to a virtual platform is done seamlessly and without affecting the overall functionality.

High availability: In case of any emergency or failure, systems are automatically switched to power backup supplies. Thus, preventing any impact on critical business services or end users.

Software development and testing: Leverage our virtual environment and enhance your ability to test and develop software in real-life conditions.

Optimization: Our Virtualization solutions improve server performance, automated load balancing between physical servers and minimize service provider and data processing faults.

Backup: Server operations on a virtual machine platform will be automatically launched in a backup data centre if the primary one fails.

Monitor: Our experts work round the clock to closely monitor virtual and cloud environments.

Unified console: Manage cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure and virtualization as one.

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Virtualization technologies assist businesses to achieve an IT infrastructure that can easily be maintained and managed at a low price and also ensure that the complete infrastructure becomes more resilient, agile and flexible. Businesses that lack capital for software and hardware licenses should leverage infrastructure virtualization solutions and derive maximum benefit with lowered costs.

Elevate your business with MDS Dubai Virtualization Solutions

Simplification: Optimize and simplify infrastructure, administration, management, business operations and maintenance.

Scale: Achieve greater scalability and business continuity with us as your partner.

Cost-efficient: With our comprehensive infrastructure virtualization solutions; you no longer need to invest in physical components.

Reduce workload: We use the latest software’s and hardware’s and our team ensures that they are up to date and optimally running.

Continuous application uptime: Dramatically increase application uptime with our competent solutions.

Deployment of resources: With our Virtualization solutions at your side; there’s no longer a need for you to set up physical machines or create local networks.

Reduce TCO: Total cost of ownership goes down as there are no physical components required.

Application security: Enjoy advanced security and the power of software-defined virtual networking.

In-depth analytics: Leverage MDS Dubai Virtualization solutions and view your I.T environment in great detail.

Flexible: As compared to physical infrastructure; our solutions allow for multiple networking and server configurations.

Load balancing: Run your operations smoothly with multiple software based servers to share the workload and distribute tasks evenly. Thus, ensuring that no single server is taxed more than others.

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MDS Dubai is part of the Midis Group – an international organization with over 170 companies across emerging markets in the Middle East , Europe  and Africa with over 5000 employees


Founded in 1986, MDS Dubai boasts 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience.


Leverage from our 20+ certified and highly efficient engineers.


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