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We live in a digital era and data is at the epicenter of this new world. Don’t let traditional storage methods and devices slow down your business or put your enterprise at risk. MDS Dubai equips your organization with enterprise storage solutions that helps accelerate your business and its applications, protects data against malicious attacks and failures, is flexible in handling future requirements and reduces overall costs.


Unleashing maximum potential with
MDS Dubai enterprise storage solutions



It is essential to protect the integrity and confidentiality of an organization’s data. Thus, our storage solutions help you with constantly backing and storing critical data that can easily be restored and used again.



Our comprehensive enterprise storage solutions are efficient, secure and continuously running. Not only this, they’re also cloud based; which gives your organization cloud-based management and predictive analysis abilities.


End-to-end protection

Our world class solutions ensure that your business data is protected and provide constant reports and updates on its recoverability status. Now you have the comfort of recovering sensitive data at any point of time.



Today, there is a continuous influx of data and a huge amount of database and information is produced by a business. We understand your data storage needs and provide you with solutions that can centrally store and share your data.



We at MDS Dubai ensure that an organization’s critical data is stored, protected and ready for recovery at any point of time. With our years of experience in this field, we are able to do this with extreme efficiency and without comprising any aspect of this process.


Disaster recovery

Your data is stored and can be shared through various computer systems, while maintaining its integrity and confidentiality. E.g. If your data is stored at point 1 and that particular point fails for some reason; then we will help you restore that data from point 2 and ensure business continuity instead of facing downtime.



With us as your partner, you not only get world class enterprise storage solutions, but also the knowledge and experience that has come through being an industry leader for a long time.



An organization doesn’t need all the data all the time. This is why, we assist in archiving data that is not in active use. You can always obtain this information in the future if a business requires.

World-class storage products from MDS Dubai
to keep you ahead of the competition:

Unmatched speed: Eliminate traditional manual, recovery steps and significantly shorten downtime.

Optimum performance: Simplify data protection and eliminate data loss with our competent storage appliance.

Optimum performance: Simplify data protection and eliminate data loss with our competent storage appliance.

All-flash and Hybrid Flash Storage:

Data availability: Ensure continuous operations and most comprehensive data-availability guarantee.

Reduced cost: Reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs and also reduce overall space, cooling and power.

Modern: Leverage the most competent and incredibly fast infrastructure.

ZFS storage appliance:

Accelerate: All-flash performance for heavy workloads to achieve unmatched speed.

Diverse: Flexibility in powering dynamic workloads and providing universal application acceleration.

Scale: Seamlessly migrate to the cloud and achieve more.

Object Storage:

Store and protect: Better data access, compliance and retention.

Enhanced performance: Automate business operations and derive multiple data context.

Competitive edge: Seize new opportunities through repurposing data and gaining in-depth data insights.

StorageTek tape Automation:

Cost-effective: Highly efficient and competent infrastructure at lower cost.

Reduce risks: It’s redundant mitigate risks and also minimizes unplanned downtime.

Energy consumption: Consumes extremely low energy as compared to disk-based data protection solutions.

Network Attached Storage:

Secure environment: Improve overall storage efficiency and securely protect your data images

Scale: Flash ready storage for increased consolidation and faster scalability.

Migrate: Seamlessly migrate your data to private and public clouds.

Benefits of enterprise storage solutions provided by MDS Dubai

  • Constantly innovating and improving to provide the best possible storage solutions
  • Highly consistent, performance based and result oriented solutions
  • Our solutions can be used in an enterprise or a general environment
  • Tailor made solutions for each business
  • Consumes low energy as compared to traditional models
  • We assist in integrating latest available technologies
  • Artificial intelligence and predictive analysis for maximum output

Our Advantage

MDS Dubai is part of the Midis Group – an international organization with over 170 companies across emerging markets in the Middle East , Europe  and Africa with over 5000 employees


Founded in 1986, MDS Dubai boasts 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience.


Leverage from our 20+ certified and highly efficient engineers.


Top Tier Technology Partnership levels

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We have a dedicated 24/7 local support for all your IT needs.

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