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With the highest level of partnership with Major Enterprise Server Manufacturers, MDS Dubai can provide your business with the best servers designed with balanced performance, effortless management and integrated security.

In today’s ever-growing economy; organizations are scaling their business at a rapid speed. MDS Dubai being the industry leader; understands your organizational needs and provides the most advanced and secure infrastructure in order to transform your business. Our experts enable you to deploy enterprise-level apps to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Features of our Server Solutions

Hibernation & sensible
data conflation

Decrease your network and desktop traffic by around 75% as compared with heavy and slow conventional data delivery methods


MDS Dubai provides the latest enterprise server solutions which facilitate steaming data connections through IP multicast, TCP/IP and UDP broadcast technologies. Thus, ensuring an overall reduction of bandwidth demand.

Better management

Equip your organization with our comprehensive and latest enterprise servers and create better control and manageability over devices.


Unleash maximum connectivity and support managed networks, internet connections and private circuits.


Our comprehensive enterprise server solutions help your organization to derive maximum productivity without having to bear the high costs of installing and maintaining traditional servers. With backend working at the most efficient level; end-user productivity and experience increase as well.

Fault tolerance

We at MDS Dubai equip your organization with the most advanced enterprise servers that enhances fault tolerance and thus results in maximum reliability.


Our IT experts and solutions not only ensure greater productivity and seamless scalability for your business, but also provide enhanced security solutions for protecting data integrity and its confidentiality.

Be at the forefront of technology and seize the latest opportunities by partnering with MDS Dubai

Supreme quality

Designed for heavy workloads

Equipped with world-class technology


Maximum performance

Multifold processing power

Accelerate enterprise-computing tasks

Performance combined with the flexibility you require


Integration with private or public clouds

Easily combine different technologies

Tailor made deployment models

Simplify management

Leverage our existing database

Accelerate service delivery

Pool of existing applications to choose from

Mitigate risks

Comprehensive data encryption

Compliance audition

Application memory protection


Easily adaptable designs for new workloads

Pre-integrated and pre-tested solutions

Seamless integration with current enterprise tools


IT experts help craft the right IT strategy

A team of experts dedicated to providing IT solutions

24/7 call center support

Supply chain

End-to-end global supply chains

Overlooking all steps from designing to manufacturing

Ready to deploy as per need

Our Advantage

MDS Dubai is part of the Midis Group – an international organization with over 170 companies across emerging markets in the Middle East , Europe  and Africa with over 5000 employees


Founded in 1986, MDS Dubai boasts 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience.


Leverage from our 20+ certified and highly efficient engineers.


Top Tier Technology Partnership levels

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated 24/7 local support for all your IT needs.

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