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Two Approaches, One End Goal – Optimization

In today’s ongoing technology evolution, demand for new-age hardware and technology has increased

Businesses want IT department to have fewer physical parts while expanding resources to their users. We at MDS Dubai understand that a lot of organizations now shy away from one to one relationship between storage and physical servers and are incorporating solutions for many to one relationship between numerous virtual machines and a single storage controller. Combing compute, storage resources and network into a unified, integrated architecture with simplified management and flexibility are the same end goals for both the MDS Dubai infrastructure solutions for converged infrastructure (CI) and hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). Major distinction factor between the two is that they use different approaches to reach the same goal.


Scale at an Unmatched Level with Our Convergence Solutions

We at MDS Dubai provide solutions like hyper converged infrastructure and converged infrastructure as they play a strategic role in the overall optimization of IT infrastructure for a business. In a constantly evolving world, organizations need to scale rapidly while optimizing the infrastructure cost and they also require the flexibility to adapt to the changing organization and user environments. Our convergence solutions will not only help you achieve all of this, but also enable your organization to move to multi-premises through cloud infrastructure.

Optimally, use MDS Dubai’s Converged & Hyper Converged Infrastructure Solutions

  • To manage disaster recovery sites.
  • Integrate these solutions while developing or testing infrastructure.
  • During data migration within sites or across sites.
  • In Planning and Implementing Data Center Consolidation.
  • In deploying tier-one applications and also for application virtualization.
  • While implementing a virtual desktop infrastructure or managing branch or remote office.

Take Your Business to New Heights with MDS Dubai’s CI & HCI Solutions:



Our CI solutions are plug and play solutions. Standalone components are used to build the infrastructure that is easily disintegrated from the main infrastructure and used separately.



IT components are consolidated into a unified, comprehensive platform with centralized management. This helps in overall improvement of efficiency and agility.


Reduce costs

Redundancy can be reduced dramatically, which will bring down the support and maintenance costs. Also, reduce and correct interoperability with HCI.


Ease of use

As all components are integrated in a single box; from purchase to deployment to using CI; everything is completely streamlined as compared to traditional architecture environments.



Say goodbye to silos of people, processes and technology.


Integrated growth-model

Our CI solutions allow you to build, maintain and design various segments of a virtualization stack and also support on-demand growth model.


Physical components

Fewer physical parts mean fewer chances of any hardware issues for the business.



You can leverage cloud-level economics by integrating our HCI solutions.



Additional units can easily be added which helps businesses to scale with ease.


Eliminating third parties

Get rid of third party backup and restore specialists as virtual machines have an in-built backup system.

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