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Marching Towards a More Productive Future With
Business Intelligence Solutions

MDS Dubai employs Business Intelligence as data management solution for enterprises to collect past and present data insights and take informed and better future decisions. We in MDS Dubai have always used latest technologies and your enterprise can take advantage of the latest trends in the Business Intelligence field like Machine Learning, Embedded & Collaborative BI.

Why Do You Need Business Intelligence?

Scale your business in the most efficient manner through key performance indicators (KPI)

Spot market trends and business problems that need to be addressed

MDS Dubai BI solutions are not only for large scale enterprises but for small medium enterprises as well

Enterprises can take better business decisions with assistance from data visualization

Increase Overall Business Productivity With Unique Features Provided By MDS Dubai BI Solutions.



Data mining


Online analytical processing (OLAP)

Extract transfer load (ETL)

Convert Data Into A Competitive Business Advantage

Business Analytics (BA) is a methodical solution provided by MDS Dubai to explore and analyze organizational data. Our experts actively assist enterprises to optimize and automate their business processes based on available data.

Types of BA used by MDS Dubai:

Descriptive analytics: KPI’s are tracked to understand the current state of business.

Prescriptive analysis: Past performance analysis for better future decisions.

Predictive analysis: Trends in data are analyzed to assess probable future outcomes.

Leverage insights gained by MDS Dubai Business Analytics solutions:

Complete quantitative and statistical analysis to understand the occurrence of certain incidents.

Conducting data mining that helps exploring data to find new patterns.

Putting previous decisions to test through multivariate and A/B testing.

Leveraging predictive analytics and modeling to forecast future events.

In-Depth Data Insights For Your Business

With MDS Dubai as your partner; equip your business with multiple data insights through extensive data analytics. These insights gained through analytics are incredibly powerful and you can use them to grow your business.

Mitigate risks and improve accountability with MDS Dubai comprehensive data insights

Control Data Growth

Our data mining experts provide reports on duplicate or stale data. Thus, reducing costs and preventing data duplication.

User Behavior Analysis

With the help of file analytics, your enterprise can now identify malicious insider behavior and suspicious user activity.

Tagging Anomalies

Our team and tools proactively identify anomalies and assist your enterprise in flagging them, thus preventing any looming threat.

Real-Time Monitoring For Better Overall Productivity

Application performance monitoring (APM) is a strategy used by MDS Dubai for tracking and monitoring enterprise business application performance and end user experience. Our experts work incessantly to identify anomalies, understand trends and derive actionable insights through the use of these tools.

End-to-end application performance
monitoring solutions:

  • Identifying app behaviour in real-time.
  • Analysing data and providing context.
  • Fixing the problem before it impacts any business function.
  • Automate remediation through machine learning.
  • Easy and seamless cloud migration.

Unleash Maximum Potential Through
MDS Dubai APM Solutions

IT Efficiency

Significantly reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) with our fast root-cause analysis.


Scale your business easily, seamlessly and without bearing any extra costs.

App Monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring of applications based on private, public or multi-cloud environments.


Leverage world-class security solutions that are robust and comprehensive.

Our Advantage

MDS Dubai is part of the Midis Group – an international organization with over 170 companies across emerging markets in the Middle East , Europe  and Africa with over 5000 employees


Founded in 1986, MDS Dubai boasts 30+ years of industry knowledge and experience.


Leverage from our 20+ certified and highly efficient engineers.


Top Tier Technology Partnership levels

24/7 Support

We have a dedicated 24/7 local support for all your IT needs.

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