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Deep dive into our Enterprise AI

Predictive Analytics

Make accurate predictions and generate future insights with a significant degree of precision.

Use cases

Computer Vision

Process, Analyze and understand visual Information for classification, detection, and tracking.

Use cases

Text Analytics

Sentiment detection, key phrases extraction from unstructured text, voice data using NLP.

Use cases

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Introducing ACE

Our Cognitive Platform for end-to-end Automation

Enterprise level cognitive platform which automates data capture and validation from multiple unstructured and structured sources like documents, Emails, Databases and makes it available for downstream systems like ERP, CRM for further processing

Cognitive capture

By leveraging machine learning ACE automatically classifies, extracts, validates and direct business critical data

Case management

ACE Automatically classifies multiple insurance, invoice or mortgage case files for document completeness and compliance through pre-defined case rules.

Recommendation Engine

ACE suggests user any key information missing from data source basis historical data processed within system. This reduces TAT to fetch mandatory missing information to complete case

MIS Reports

Feature enables different tools which help you analyze document processing flow, ensure continuity of business process, and optimize and prioritize resources to tune performance and eliminate bottlenecks

Business Rules Engine

ACE business rules layer is fully configurable features which enables you to input business rules, conditional rules, dependent rules, assignment rules or arithmetic operations – all through an intuitive user interface

On the fly training

ACE provides you domain agnostic training engine which can process various documents such as -cheques, invoices, pos, contracts, letter of credit, 483, account opening forms etc.

How it works

Multi-source Data Ingestion

Auto ingestion of data from multiple data sources like Shared folders, Email boxes, Web portals, Scanner, SFTP

Document Classification

Classification of documents based on structural layout, semantic similarity and rules into Invoices, Checks, License doc, Tax document etc.

Case Creation

Intelligent assembly of relevant Documents into unique case based on content, file nomenclature, and business rules

Data Transformation

Data transformation on top of Extracted and validated data based on configurable Business rules which includes arithmetic operations, string comparisons and reconciliations

Data Validation

Automated validation of extracted Data with user defined rules against Configured Databases and other data sources

Data Extraction

Automatic extraction of required data from all structured, unstructured data Sources of a case upon minimal user based training


Configurable workflow and UI engines for Manual verification of cases processed by analyst or any other user defined role

Output Export

The final output in structured format can be exported to file storage repos, Databases, RPA systems in Excel, API, JSON or any other compliant format

Monitoring Insights

Multiple out of the box dashboards For Process Monitoring and Audit trail with other customizable Metrics for key insights required for business users

Technical Features

Multi Language Support

Handles different languages. With variation across English, Arabic and Mandarin languages

MIS reporting

Tools help analyze document processing flow, ensure optimization of business process

Scalable Architecture

Through micro-service architecture, all functionalities can be integrated in plug & play mode

Process Agility

We provide you automation core and backend processes by scaling up through RPA

Flexible Implementation

ACE is flexible to be deployed over cloud as well as on premise

System Compatibility

Integrates with various upstream and downstream process IT systems

Multi Tenancy

Cloud based instance supporting multiple clients from one platform

Trusted environment

Military-grade encryption for data protection, https for protection against malicious attacks

Other Capabilities

RasaS NLPspacynltk

For Smart Assistants with Natural Language understanding





Scalable Microservices Architecture

Flexi-deploy with On-prem and Cloud

RasaS NLPspacynltk

Deep Learning with Best-in-class frameworks

Our Intelligent solution on your preferred platform

Use Cases

Predictive Analytics Use cases

Personalized Recommendations

Based on customer purchase or browsing behaviour to recommend products, stocks, movies etc.


Prediction of sales, budget, revenue, customer churn etc., based on past time-series data for informed decisions

Fraud / Anomaly detection

Identify outlier events which indicate suspicious behaviour to take preventive measures

Computer Vision

Video Analytics

Monitor video streams in real-time & extract valid motion for intrusion detection, line crossing etc.

Image Classification

Identify inventory & assess equipment condition or perform medical diagnosis on images

Detection & Tracking

Identify objects in image, video for Surveillance, face, number plate recognition

Text Analytics

Document capture

Data extraction and text mining on documents like invoices, stock statements, contract documents etc.

Chat Bots

Virtual assistants to improve customer satisfaction by contextual and personalized query resolution

Sentiment Analysis

Interpret emotions from text, voice to gauge sentiment on products, brands or services